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  • 2014-Jan-27 07:10:32 Collins Genealogy-134
    Karen, the administrator said: XIII

    Glenna Claudine Hanks, daughter of Claude Fred and Muriel Cowden (Collins) Hanks was born Sept. 18, 1937.

    Glenna graduated from Ozark High School in May, 1955. She graduated from Southwest Missouri State College in Springfield, Mo. in spring of 1959. She taught the following year at Raytown near Kansas City.

    She was married to Lt. Larry Frazier in a 2:00 o'clock ceremony in the First Christian Church of Ozark, Mo., on Dec. 27, 1959. Mike McGinnis was the minister. Lt. Frazier left for service in Augsburg, Germany, January 19th, 1960. Glenna completed her year of teaching and sailed June 4, 1960 from Brooklyn, New York, on United States Naval ship, "The General Wm O Darby" and landed in Bremerhaven on June 12 and traveled some 700 miles by train to Augsburg to meet Larry the following day, June 13, 1960.

    To them was born:

    Craig Douglas........April 7, 1961 at Augsburg Army Hospital

    The family left Bremmerhaven Jan 2, 1963 and came back to the U. S. A. on The General Wm O Darby ship. Larry has resigned from the army as of June 1963. He is going to work for the Ortho Pharmaceutical Corp. in St. Louis, Mo.
  • 2014-Jan-27 05:03:36 Collins Genealogy-133
    Karen, the administrator said: Dorothy Lee Collins Hanks, daughter of Claude F. and Muriel (Collins) Hanks was born Sept 24, 1932 at Selmore, Mo., in Christian County.

    Russell Arthur Collins was born May 31, 1930 at North Loup, Nebraska, Valley County.

    Dorothy met Russell while in Ozark High School and they were married Aug 30, 1950 by Rev. R. E. Musgrave in his home in Ozark, Mo.

    Russell entered United States Air Force at Kansas City, Mo. December 10, 1951. He took basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. He received schooling at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in San Antonio, Texas, from Feb 12, 1952 to July 17, 1952.

    He had three years over seas duty at Chateauroux Air Depot, at Chateaurous, France Oct 1st, 1952 to Sept. 26, 1955. Dorothy joined him in France, December 15, 1952, and remained with him for the duration of his overseas duty.

    Russell received his honorable discharge October 1, 1955 at Manhattan Beach Air Force Station, Brooklyn, New York.

    Their son, Russell Brent Collins was born May 29, 1956, in Florence Crittenton Hsopital, Detroit, Michigan (Wayne County).

    Douglas Allen........born Nov. 11, 1959 Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • 2014-Jan-27 04:52:23 Collins Genealogy-132
    Karen, the administrator said: Jane Sue Hanks, daughter of Claude Fred and Muriel Cowden (Collins) Hanks was born March 3, 1931. She graduated from Ozark High School. She was married in the home of her parents by Rev. R. E. Musgrave July 20, 1949 to Clay Sears, son of Fay William (Bob) and Geraldine Helen (Grider) Sears. Clay Sears was born Aug 21, 1928. His father was born Mar. 11, 1902, and his mother was born Oct. 21, 1906.

    After Jane Sue and Clay were married, they went to Kansas City to begin their new life together and are still in Kansas City, 1958. They are now, 1963, living in Springfield, Mo.

    Their children:

    1. Michael Dennis..........Sept. 3, 1951
    2. Patric Kirk.............March 10, 1954
    3. Lisa Beth................April 20, 1960
  • 2014-Jan-27 04:43:36 Collins Genealogy-131
    Karen, the administrator said: XIII

    Billy Joe Hanks, son of Claude Fred and Muriel Cowden (Collins) Hanks was born Dec. 28, 1926. He graduated from Ozark High School in 1944 and attended Drury College for one semester. At that time he learned that he would be called into Service for his country very soon, so he came home and worked for his father, Claude F. Hanks until he was called.

    He was married to Ruth Ann Landes, daughter of John T. (Jack) and Florence G. (Pulse) Landes in Monett, Mo., March 4, 1945.

    Ruth Ann Landes was born Oct 16, 1927 in Kimball, South Dakota and her mother, Florence G. Pulse was born and raised in Kimball, South Dakota, but her father (Jack) Landes is a native of Norway. He came to the U. S. A. when he was sixteen years old.

    Billy entered the Army Air Force April 9, 1945. Reported to Ft. Leavenworth, Kans. for induction. He took his Basic Training at Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls, Texas. He attended Sheet Metal School at Chanute Field, Rantoul, Illinois. He was discharged at Chanute Field on Dec. 1st, 1945.

    Their children:

    1. Donna Joe..........Oct. 28, 1945
    2. Gregory kirk.......Nov. 4, 1949
  • 2014-Jan-27 04:32:41 Collins Genealogy-130
    Karen, the administrator said: Xiii

    Margie Aileene Hanks, daughter of Claude and Muriel (Collins) Hanks was born Oct. 12, 1923. She graduated from Ozark High School in May, 1942. She was married in January, 1943, to Ralph Edward Wisner, son of Robert and Carrie (Owen) Wisner. Ralph was called into Service in July, 1943. He landed in France on "D" day, June 6, 1944. He was active in the famous Battle of the Bulge. After his discharge, he was very nervous and moody and he and Margie failed in readjusting their lives for happiness together and were finally divorced.

    Margie was married to Theodore Maurice Maddy on Feb. 1st, 1947.

    Their children were:

    Theodore Maurice..........March 12, 1948
    Patricia Ellen............April 16, 1949

    This marriage ended in a divorce because of "Ted's" health.

    She was married to Marvin Taylor of Kansas City in December of 1955. This marriage came to an unhappy ending just six weeks later.

    May 14, 1960, she was married to Vernon Stewart at Mount Vernon, Mo. Vernon, son of Walter and Matilda Stewart, was born...

    To them was born...

    1. Julie Ann Stewart........Sept 22, 1961 Patterson, Calif.
  • 2014-Jan-27 04:20:22 Collins Genealogy-129
    Karen, the administrator said: ferred her membership to Ozark Christian Church in October, 1953, and to Overland Christian Church, Overland, Mo., St. Louis County in February 1958.

    Barbara Jo Baird at the age of eleven, Selmore Christian Church, Rev. Ross Musgrave baptised at South St. Christian Church in Springfiled, Mo.

    Linda Ellen Baird at the age of 10 years went into Ozark Christian Church, January 16, 1955. Rev. Wendall Vaughan baptized her in Nixa Christian Church baptistry. She transferred to Overland Christian Church in February, 1958.

    Larry Baird, age 13, into Ozark Christian Church January 30, 1945. Baptized in Nixa Christian Church Baptistry by Rev. Wendall Vaughan. He, too, transferred to Overland Christian Church in February, 1958.

    "Eloise Hanks Baird"
  • 2014-Jan-27 04:12:52 Collins Genealogy-128
    Karen, the administrator said: Sparta, Mo. In May 1954, Glenn began driving for Ernest Ernhardt of Springfield, leased to A. N. Food Products of St. Louis.

    In October, 1954, he went back to work for Riss & Co. in Kansas City, going almost all over the United States.

    We moved to Alfred Raymer property, living there one year. Barbara graduated from Ozark High School in May 1956.

    Glenn was transferred to St. Louis in January 1956. In June, 1956, we moved our family to 28 St. Theresa, St. Ann, Mo., in St. Louis co. Riss layed of 120 men in July, leaving us in a strange place and no job. Luckily Glenn went back to work for A. N. Food Products.

    Janice Laurel Baird born March 12, 1957 at Normandy Osteopathic Hospital, Dr. Fred Couts our doctor.

    On Easter Sunday, April 21, 1957, Barbara Jo, our oldest daughter was married to Frank J. Gallant in Miami, Oklahoma. Our first grandchild and their first child is expected in June 1958. We now live at... Brenda Sue Gallant was born July 4, 1958.

    Glenn, when 16 years old became a member of Selmore Baptist Church, and transferred to Selmore Christian Church in 1949. Then to the Overland Christian Church in February 1958.

    Eloise was baptized into Selmore Christian Church by Rev. J. H. Wade in baptismal services at Riverdale while only 11 years old, April, 1932. She trans-
  • 2014-Jan-27 03:58:56 Collins Genealogy-127
    Karen, the administrator said: Ozark. Glenn bought M. F. A. Route 118. We moved to the Harrison Fulton place near Rogersville. While living there we bought a home in Springfield, corner of Nettleton and State streets, and moved into it in August. Glen sold the milk Route and bought an Agricultural Line Truck. Larry started school at McGregor School.

    On March 5, 1948, we moved to Glenn's folk home eight mile south of Ozark. Here Glenn continued to haul lime and we milked 30 to 35 cows. October 5, 1950, our son Larry was badly burned. At first it was thought his left leg would have to be amputated. He spent two weeks at Haguewood Hospital in Ozark, then transferred to Springfield Baptist Hospital. He was in the hospital almost a year. Thanks to Dr. Fred Farthing and Dr. Daniel Yancy, Larry walks now without a brace nor limp.

    June 1, 1951 found us moving to the Fannie Welch property in Ozark, Mo. Glenn bought the Sparta Bus Line. Linda Ellen started to school at Ozark. While living here, Deborah Ann Baird was born November 29, 1951. She weighed 8 lbs., 12 oz. at Haguewood Hospital. Dr. Stanley Roper, Minnie Haile and Madge Tunnell attendants.

    David Scott Baird born May 1, 1953, weighed 8 lbs, 6 oz at 8:03 A. M. at Haguewood Hospital. Dr. Stanley Roper, Minnie Haile attendants.

    Glenn started working for Riss and Co. in November 1953. He sold the Sparta Bus Line to Clyde Workman of
  • 2014-Jan-27 03:32:55 Collins Genealogy-126
    Karen, the administrator said: the grocery on the northeast corner of the square. He worked for Ernest about six months, leaving there to work at Krogers on the west side of the square. We moved to an apartment at Rosa Shelton's home, three houses down west from Ozark School. In July, 1940, we moved to Bolivar, Mo. in Polk County where Glenn worked for Armour and Co., managing a produce and feed store, buying a truck to haul cream, eggs and chickens. On March 5, 1941, a snowy day, our first son was born at our home. Larry Glenn Baird was born at 2:30 A. M. weighing 8 lbs. and 1 oz. Dr.... My mother and Mrs. Ed Newhart attendants.

    Glenn worked for Armour nearly 2 years, leaving there to work for Aaron Produce. In 1943 he bought an M. F. A. milk route and we moved to Glidewell, Mo., six miles north of Springfield in Greene County. Barbara started to school.

    At 5 A. M. January 16, 1945 we left home in our New International Milk truck for St. Johns Hospital and at 6:03 A. M. Linda Ellen Baird was born, weighing 8 lbs, 13 oz. Dr. Joseph Johnson was attending Doctor.

    In March, 1945, we bought a home from Oran Baird across from the water tower in Ozark, Mo. and in April, 1945 Glenn was inducted into the U. S. Army, first going to Frt. Leavenworth, Kansas, then on to Ft. Knox, Kentucky into the Tank Division. He was discharged Dec. 18, 1945. In 1946 (February) we sold our home in
  • 2014-Jan-27 03:16:54 Collins Genealogy-125
    Karen, the administrator said: The farm where we moved had been bought by Glenn's Dad and he built a two-room house and a barn on it. Edith and Ora Pryer had lived there first. This place contained 80 acres of hill and timberland, with about 40 acres tillable. We milked 15 cows the rest of that summer and winter. That first year I learned many things, such as to milk cows, cut wood with a cross-cut saw, herd cattle, plant corn and wash on a wash board. I could name many amusing things, too, if time permitted.

    Glenn Howard Baird, son of Howard Floyd and Alta Marie (McCoy) Baird was born May 28, 1917. His paternal grandparents were David Crockett and Ida Belle (Pollard) Baird. His maternal grandparents were Samuel and Laura (Bilyeu) McCoy. Glenn completed 10 years of school at Deeds and Ozark High School.

    The year 1938 was hot and dry. Our oldest daughter, Barbara Jo Baird was born August 18, 1938 at the home of her maternal grandparents, Claude and Muriel Hanks. She was born at 7:10 A. M., weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces, with Dr. J. H. Wade as the Doctor. My mother and Minnie Collins as attendants.

    When Barbara was seven weeks old, we moved to Ozark, living in an upstairs apartment at the Hiram Anderson home on Walnut Street, across from the John Taylor place. Glenn was working for Ernest Moore at

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